Mythical Matches

Mythical Matches



Mythical Matches are football match-ups that don’t take place in reality – they’re virtual events created as a mix from two real events for betting purposes only.
For example, if Sweden are playing Peru and Russia are up against Argentina, you can bet on a Mythical Match on offer, such as Sweden vs Russia.

Real games:
1. Chelsea vs Leeds United
2. Arsenal  vs Brighton
Mythical Match:
1. Chelsea vs Arsenal

Markets available for the Mythical Matches are Match Winner, Match Handicap, and Match Over/Under.


The result of each mythical clash is determined by the result of the real games it was created from. You bet on the outcome of a virtual match between two of those four sides that aren’t physically playing each other.
If you bet on Chelsea to beat Arsenal, the Blues must score more goals against Leeds than the Gunners score against Brighton for your bet to win.
All bets are determined by comparing the actual performance of each team taking part in the mystic game.

Real games result:
1. Chelsea  vs  Leeds United – 4:2
2. Arsenal vs Brighton – 3:1
Mythical Match result:
2. Chelsea vs  Arsenal – 4:3