Fast Bet

Fast Markets allow you to bet on whether you think a specific event will happen within the next 1 or 5 minutes of a live football match, giving you the incredible potential to win on every minute of your favourite live games!

Think Hazard is about to lose a chance? Bet on a booking!

Think the Goalkeeper would parry to the corner? Bet on a corner!

You can choose to bet on goals, corners, bookings, penalties, throw-ins, free kicks and goal kicks to happen during the game’s next 1 minute or 5 minutes:

3. Place your new improved bet and watch the money come in.

Event Description
Goal The time at which a goal is scored
Corner The time at which a corner is awarded
Booking The time at which a yellow or red card is shown to a participating player
Penalty The time at which a penalty is awarded
Throw-In The time at which a throw-in is awarded
Free Kick The time at which a free kick is awarded
Goal Kick The time at which a goal kick is awarded

1 minute refers to 00:00 – 00:59 seconds of the relevant 1 minute period.

5 minutes refers to 00:00 – 04:59 seconds of the relevant 5 minute period.

Asian Handicap betting with these figures means you’re essentially splitting your bet to cover certain outcomes.

Injury time is not included.

Here’s how it works:

1. Select the live match you want to bet on

2. Choose the specific Fast Market from the list of options

3. Select your bet

4. Enter your stake on your bet slip and click on 'Place bets'

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