Registration Help

  • 1. How do I open an account with Surebet247?
  • Simple! Fill in your details in this registration form, choose your username and password and get started.
  • 2. I don’t want to give my personal details – can I register without doing so?
  • To protect the integrity of the Surebet247 community, you are required to provide your basic personal details and proof of identity when registering. According to Nigerian gambling regulations, every customer must be properly identified by the operator (that’s us).

    This is called the “Know Your Customer” process. All your personal details are stored under strict safeguards which comply with data protection laws and regulations. You can find more information in our extended privacy policy here
  • 3. I can’t seem to open an account with you – why is that?
  • You might be resident in a country that doesn’t allow online betting.

    Or, it might be that you are already registered with us, or there’s a technical problem. Contact Customer Support via our live 24/7 chat service for assistance in gaining access to your existing account or completing the online registration process.
  • 4. Can I have more than one account with Surebet247?
  • Each customer can have only one account with Surebet247. Duplicate accounts will be closed automatically.

    If you open an account which you believe is your only one with us, but can’t access it, please contact our 24/7 Customer Support for assistance.
  • 5. Can I place bets without opening an account first?
  • To deposit real money and use Surebet247’s services, you need to register first. This is part of the mandatory “Know Your Customer” process which allows us to comply with regulatory requirements by identifying all our customers and ensuring the security of their accounts.
  • 6. I’m new to sports betting – do you have any guides?
  • We sure do! For in-depth information, check out our ‘Betting Help’ section where you can learn more about bet types, betting rules, special features offered by Surebet247 and other tools to help you find what you want to know.