Betting Help

  • 1. What are the minimum and maximum stakes I can bet?
  • The minimum bet stake is ₦100 for sports betting and ₦50 for casino betting. The maximum varies between sports, leagues and bet types.

    Just beneath the stake box on the bet slip you can see a “Max Bet” button. Clicking it will automatically enter the maximum stake allowed for your selected bet.

    If you want to stake more than the max bet amount, type the amount manually and click “Place Bet”. Your request will be referred to a trader and will either be approved, declined, or countered with another offer.
  • 2. Where can I find information about the betting options available at Surebet247?
  • You can visit the Bet Types page to find information about available betting options.
  • 3. Where can I find the betting rules?
  • You can find all the betting rules conveniently categorized per sport here
  • 4. What are Fast Market bets?
  • Fast Markets allow you to bet on whether you think a specific event will happen within the next 1 or 5-minute period of a live event. You can read more about Fast Markets here
  • 5. My bet was not accepted – why is that?
  • When a stake is above the maximum bet amount, it is transferred for review by a professional trader, who considers all aspects of the bet and decides whether it can be accepted as it is, or whether to make a counter-offer. Once a counter-offer is made, you must accept it within a specific timeframe (usually 20-30 seconds) otherwise it expires and the bet is not placed.
  • 6. When will my bet be settled?
  • Bets are usually settled within a few minutes of the time the result is known, including live bets which are decided before the event is finished

    Special bets may take slightly longer to settle, but usually take no more than a few minutes after the result is known. Outright bets are settled at the end of the tournament or when the result is known.
  • 7. Why was my bet settled as lost when it won?
  • If you suspect that an error was made in bet settlement, confirm the result and check that the betting rules state that the bet should have been settled as a win.

    Then contact our 24/7 Customer Support with references to the result in question and if an error was made, it will be rectified as quickly as possible.
  • 8. Why was my bet cancelled?
  • Bets may be voided or cancelled according to the betting rules of the relevant sport or in line with general betting rules. You can contact Customer Support quoting the I.D. number of the bet in question to receive the specific reason for its cancellation.
  • 9. Can I cancel a bet after placing it?
  • Once a bet is placed, you cannot cancel it. However, you can check if Cash Out is available for your bet and opt to cash it out at a rate acceptable to you. If your bet qualifies for Cash Out, you’ll see a Cash Out button in the “Open Bets” section of your bet slip, showing you how much money you can take as an early payout. Click the button to proceed with the Cash Out.