Best way to run a profitable affiliate marketing business

One of the simplest ways to make money from huge social media followership is through affiliate marketing. With the numbers of friends and influence many have in the social media space you would expect that they make substantial money of the influence.

To maximize the influence you have built online, sign up with an affiliate marketing program and earn commission by telling people about the product sold by the company you signed up with.

To drive home the points and make this practicable, I would be using Surebet247, a foremost sports betting company as example on how to run a profitable affiliate marketing system

To run a profitable affiliate Marketing system, you should do the following

  1. Identify the target market of the company- In doing this you know the primary and secondary customers of the company and also people that could influence their choice of purchase. The primary customers of Surebet247 would be sport lovers. Yet it is also important to know that a Sport betting company like Surebet247 also offers casino and Virtual products.
  2. Choose the tone and Channels of communication – Your target customers would determine your tone of speaking/ writing. Do identify the best medium or multiple of channels to communicate your message to them. Some of the channels to be used are not limited to the following ;
  3. Word of mouth- Tell friends about Surebet247, its general products, exclusive products, customers service experience and fast payout. Ensure that the person uses you unique link to access the site when he/she makes the decision to open a Surebet247 account.
  4. Social media- Maximize the use of your social media by posting about Surebet247 on your social media pages. Facebook, twitter and Google plus would work fine as they permit links unlike Instagram.
  5. Promote on other sites, social communities or Forums- Not many would have a personal website to promote their special Surebet247 affiliate link. It is advisable to use forums like Nairaland, Quora, Whatsapp/Telegram groups and other ones that have huge sport followership for your link to get the desired number of clicks that would make you get high payment.
  6. Website- Having a personal website or blog would really help a lot. Create content that would interest your target audience hence bring them to your page for them to click the Surebet247 banners which are coded with your unique link or the direct link.
  7. Email Marketing and SMS - Should you have a database of people who visit your website, sending them personalized messages by Email and SMS about Surebet247 would increase your affiliate earnings and also build you’re a better relationship with referrals.
  8. Have a unique message- Use active verbs and not passive verbs in passing your massages. Customers often want to know what is in it for them, so coming up with offers and promotions around the surebet247 would help a lot. You can also use general promotions that Surebet247 is running to promote your affiliate link on your website.