Are there any restrictions to where I am located?

Surebet247 welcomes affiliates worldwide.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, login into your account, select My Account and then Security Details

How do I change my registered details?

To change details such as email address, company name, address or phone number, please login to your account, select My Account and then Account Details.

What if I forget my password?

Click on forgot password and check your registered email for a link to be used in changing your password.

How do i check my account status?

First of all, you must be logged-in. Once inside the affiliate's area, click on the reports tab and select the report you would like to run.

How do I get paid?

Submit a request for payment by logging into your account, select Payment and then Request Payment. You can receive payments into your surebet247 betting account. Payments are processed after 30 days. You may review your payment history at any time by selecting the Payment History option.

How often are the account statistics updated?

The affiliate programme statistics are updated almost immediately a transaction occurs.

How are my affiliate earnings calculated?

For complete details, please click here

Should i worry about negative earnings?

Our affiliate program has no negative carryover

Why should I become a surebet247 affiliate?

a. You'll benefit from up to 30% profit share for every customer that you refer + Sub Affiliate Commission of Up to 2%.

b. The betting and gaming activity of all your referred customers counts towards your commission.

c. We offer you access to more transparent stats on the performance of your campaigns than you'll find anywhere else.


To help you better understand and be successful with our affiliate marketing program, we've compiled a list of commonly asked questions about the affiliate program, Take a look at some of the most Frequently Asked Questions by affiliates before they begin in affiliate marketing.

We have covered questions that relate to affiliate account opening and operations, commission payment, terms and conditions guiding the Surebet247 affiliate system.

Perhaps we didn’t cover the question or questions on your mind in for the Surebet247 affiliate programme, send us a mail on affiliate@surebet247.com or call our customer care center on 01-700-1247 and be sure to get prompt answers to the questions you ask irrespective of the channel used.